We’re all on a journey. It’s a pilgrimage that we call LIFE!

Along the way, we discover our own story. It was written for us long ago, even before we were conceived (Jer 1:5).

Catholic Roads …

We’re a storytelling apostolate. We start with the truth and follow it wherever our imagination takes us. Use these stories as fuel for your pilgrimage on the Holy Highway (Is 35:8)!

Life On the Road …

While it is its own adventure, faith multiplies greatly when you make it part of all your favorite activities.

Freedom! Fun! And Fraternity too! They all await you on the Holy Highway (Is 35:8).

Here are a few ways we experience our adventure on Catholic Roads:

Prayer Camping — Like an old timey “camp meeting,” we use our recreational vehicles (RV) to camp and pray.

Sometimes we stay over night (with permission) in parish parking lots. While there, we attend daily mass, pray on the streets of the community around the parish church, and enjoy old friends while making new ones.

Other times, it’s just praying around the campfire with faithful brothers and sisters!

Prayer Camping…

Rolling Prayer — For those who are so inclined, we take day trips in cars or on motorcycles. We visit parishes, attend daily mass, and “ride and pray” in the community. Of course, there’s almost always time for a meal in a local restaurant too.

Rolling Prayer…
And some interesting people too!

Prayer Walking — Don’t ride motorcycles? Don’t have an RV? You can still have a spiritual adventure. We also organize “prayer walks.” We schedule them in different parishes. While there, we meet at the parish church, attend daily mass, and go out into the local community to walk and pray. And we’re not beyond getting together in a local restaurant during the day for a good meal too!

Now is the perfect time to get out on those Catholic Roads. Now is you time to experience “Shrines! Wines! And interesting people!”

Caricature and Identity — As we ramble down the road, we draw caricatures and avatars. We’ve been known to do marriage enrichment activities, as well as work with youth and children.


The Holy Highway is calling. A life of faith and spiritual adventure awaits. Any day is a great day to rediscover the joy of being Catholic. You don’t have to be a rugged outdoor person to enjoy a spiritual adventure.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. “Cool2B!”

In Christ!