Video Memes

That’s what we call our videos because most of them are intentionally short. And almost all of them have a subtle, but important message!

“C” Is for Catechesis

Of course, the “Big, Blue C” (it’s actually a white “C” on a blue background) is the logo for our apostolate. But it’s so much more than that!

“C” is “catechesis.”

For 2000 years, the Church has been just one generation away from not existing. But throughout that time, the people have echoed their faith to the next generation, and so it continues.

That’s what catechesis really is. That’s what it really means. It’s an echo! It’s the sound of joy in Jesus Christ reverberating across time throughout the generations to this very day!

“C” Is for
Catholic Media

“C” is also for Catholic media.

Catholic media in its various forms is the most powerful resource available to the Church today for evangelization and catechesis. Yes, we’re talking about the large outlets, like EWTN TV and Catholic Radio. But there is a growing number of other smaller media apostolates setting the world on fire for the Bride of Christ (the Church).

We support Catholic media! We promote Catholic media! And as members of the Pauline Family, we share in the vision of Blessed James Alberione who saw the need for good media in the world as early as 1917.

“C” Is for
Catholic Roads

“C” is for Catholic Roads — not just the apostolate, but the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8) revealed to us in the Bible.

The Holy Highway is important because our lives are a pilgrimage. We travel the Holy Highway from here and now into eternity with Jesus Christ and those we love.

You’ll see the “Big, Blue C” in most of our videos. Whenever you do, think about catechesis. Pray about and support Catholic media. And prepare yourself everyday for your life’s pilgrimage.

“C” Is for

And “C” is for “Cool2B!”

Shrines! Wines! And interesting people! It’s cool to be Catholic! Cool2B!

In Christ!