Pray4 Wall

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.

— Jas 5:16 (NABRE)


Below is “The Wall.” We call it “The Wall” because we have seen restaurants in cities that had whole walls covered in caricatures. The Wall is for our “Pray4” caricatures (we periodically archive caricatures and add new ones).

The little caricatures we draw are actually prayers. Really!

As we draw a person, we also quietly pray for them. We let the Holy Spirit speak to us about possible spiritual or physical needs the person might have. Of course, we do not include any of that in the text, but prayer is present!

When you visit our site to view the caricatures, you should join us in prayer. Enjoy the artwork — the shapes and colors, and even, the technique. Of course, feel free to share a caricature or two with your friends or on social media. And invite them to pray also.



By definition, caricature is exaggeration. So caricature can be a cruel form of art! And that’s our challenge. DO NO HARM!

We do not draw caricatures to be cruel to people. To the contrary, we draw caricatures to love them. To accomplish this, we have to walk a tightrope between “portrait” and “exaggeration.”

We try to get the shapes and proportions (generally) right. Then we slightly exaggerate the rest of the picture. In general, we try to keep the subject very recognizable and make every effort not to injure any of our subjects in any way.

Pray for us as we draw people! Ask God to show us how to answer the “challenge” with every person we draw.


For now, we are limiting caricatures on The Wall to priests, deacons, religious (brothers and sisters), seminarians, Catholic media personalities, and lay people serving on staffs in dioceses and parishes. We are happy, however, to do caricatures for individuals and groups not on the list above.


By the way, when we draw a caricature of a person, we give that person rights to reproduce it in any way they want — websites, social media, icon images, etc.

We retain the copyright for everything we draw, however. That means we can also put them up on our website and social media sites.


If you have a special request for a caricature, we will consider it, based upon available time. Please use the CONTACT page to communicate with us.

Vivat Jesus!