Let Us Pray

Life is a pilgrimage. It is fueled by prayer.

At Catholic Roads, we’re promoting praying for South Carolina (the Diocese of Charleston) across the state. We’ll be visiting cities and towns, communities and iconic locations too. And we’ll also visit locations outside the Palmetto State, often in response to crisis and disasters.


We’re on pilgrimage, praying for our state and our diocese. We’re also inviting you to join in us on Prayer Pilgrimage!

What if you could go anywhere in the world to pray? And what if you could do it without ever leaving your home?

Would you pray more often? For more people? In more places? With some modern, you can do that.

We’re using technology to lead prayer pilgrimages in the Palmetto State and elsewhere. We serve as your virtual guide on the pilgrimage, taking you to places where others will also be going — to pray onsite almost anywhere in the world.

We’re prayer walking just like St. Dominic did around AD 1200 and saints have been doing ever since!


Prayer Pilgrimage truly integrates your faith with technology. Prayer Pilgrimage enables anyone in any location to “walk the streets” of the places we’re praying for in South Carolina or elsewhere — without ever leaving home.

And with Prayer Pilgrimage, you can “prayer walk” any time — day or night. Give it a try!