These are a few of our favorite things. This is what we really love to do.


Get the word out and stir up some excitement! Put these small posters around your parish and, maybe even, drop them inside your bulletin every now and then too.

Here are a couple of examples:


Use caricature to have fun with your friends. We’re on the road and might be coming near your parish sometime soon. Let us know, and we’ll drop by to help you have some fun that your friends won’t soon forget! Even if we can’t get there for your event, you can connect with us here online, and we’ll do something for your friends from our studio (the red barn) using a picture you send us.

We’re all made in his image, and it’s all for the glory of God.


Priests, especially, and all religious are prime targets for Satan’s evil schemes. They need our prayers. You can encourage more prayer for your favorite priest or religious person by putting these online and on social media to invite others to pray.

Prayer makes a difference. We’ll be adding more “Rray4” avatars in the galleries in the GIGS AND GAGS section of our website. If you’d like to see another priest or religious added, send us a couple of photos we can use for reference. Let’s invite folks to pray for them too!


Life! Marriage! And family! They’re central to our Catholic faith, and they need to be celebrated. One way you can do it is with some “couples caricatures!” They’re great at retreats and marriage enrichment events. But you can also keep us busy out in the barn by commissioning us to do one for your favorite couple.

Send us a couple of close-up pictures so we can study the details of their faces! We’ll be glad to help you celebrate marriage and family in this special way!


Last but not least, we love to tell stories. You know, the kind you might hear sitting out on the front porch somewhere in the country on a warm, summer evening! Our stories are guaranteed to be 100%, absolutely and completely true — except for the parts we might add or adjust to make the story more fun and interesting.

Well, actually, they’re mostly just fiction, but we do sprinkle in a few facts to hold your attention. You’ll find some of our favorite stories from the road in the eBooks we’ll soon have available online.


We love getting out on the road, traveling the Chucktown Diocese (Charleston) and visiting neighboring parishes! The people on the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8) are the best!

If you’re planning an event like a marriage enrichment or priests retreat, let us know! We’d love to draw some of your folks and get to be friends with them. We can be there or we can make it a “Barn gig” (drawings in our studio from reference photos of your participants).

Let us hear from you.

Our studio … “The Red Barn,” where many a caricature has been drawn.