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    Rom Webster


    We thought about calling this the “discernment page,” but decided against that. Most dioceses have strong vocations programs. And frankly, they don’t need our help.

    Nevertheless, we pray for vocations and have a strong interest in encouraging our seminarians too. We use caricature to do that.

    That brings us back to the “discernment” conversation. If Lazarus did not know he was Lazarus, what do you think the odds were that he would have come out of his tomb when Jesus called out, “Lazarus, arise.”

    Even if you hear our Lord calling, if you don’t know it is YOU that He is calling, how consistently do you think you’ll be when He calls?

    Caricature is fun, but at a deeper level, it invites us to consider who we are. Are we really who and what we think we are? How do others see us? And how does God see us?

    They’re all great questions. What do you think the answers are? How important is “identity” to “discernment” and “vocation”? And could caricature actually be a cool tool to encourage young men and women to think more carefully about their identity while they are discerning their vocation?

    Yes the link in the menu to the right to join the community. Let us know what you think about this topic.

    Vivat Jesus!

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