Flash Fiction

Hermeneutics ( her·me·neu·tics /ˌhərməˈn(y)o͞odiks/ ) is the interpretation of Bible or literary texts.

Herman Nootks ( /ˌhərməˈn(y)o͞odiks/ ) is a little, orange mouse who lives in the walls of Bishop Bob’s cathedral and becomes an unlikely superhero of the faith.


Herman Nootks is a little, orange mouse who lives in Chucktown. Chucktown is an advanced city of mice inside the walls of every Catholic church and building in the world, including Bishop Bob‘s cathedral.

The little, orange mouse is an unlikely candidate to become a superhero, but that’s exactly what happens when Bishop Bob frees him from one of Monsignor‘s gouda-laden mousetraps late one night. Herman‘s extreme gratitude reminds the bishop of the leper who returned to thank Jesus for restoring him to health.

As Bishop Bob recalls the early years of his diocese, he remembers that those early bishops all had a special called the “cathedral mouse”(pure fiction, of course). And this being the 200th anniversary year of his diocese, the bishop decides that it’s time to revisit that tradition — and he has found the perfect mouse!

Unknown to either Bishop Bob or Herman, every cathedral mouse gets a guardian angel. Herman‘s guardian angel is a delightfully ambitious, Hispanic angel named Gomez. Gomez introduces the little, orange mouse to the great cloud of witnesses (the communion of saints) and to St. Rita, in particular, as he guides the mouse through his first of many spiritual adventures.


In this first adventure, Herman‘s job is to unlock the Holy Highway for the mice of Chucktown everywhere in the world.

It seems that a long time ago, some powerful witchcraft was used in Charleston to lock the Holy Highway globally. The curse divided all the neighborhoods of Chucktown (remember, Chucktown is the city of mice who live inside the walls of Catholic buildings all over the world. The mice still refer to that dreadful day as “the day the music stopped,” though none of them can remember today why that name was used.

With the help of Gomez, and his bishop, Herman realizes the name used by the mice might actually be a powerful clue for unlocking the curse. And thus, the search begins.

Everything takes place in the Diocese of Charleston. Almost all the places we refer to are real places. And many of the characters are based (very loosely) on real people too. But it should be noted that the story is completely fictional (except for a few, little known historical facts that help heighten the interest). Also, while the bishop of the Diocese of Charleston is Bishop Robert, the Bishop Bob in our story bears only slight resemblance to the current bishop (both are good, holy men; etc.). We are complete supporters of the Church and our diocese — and our desire it to publish a “good read” that the family in the Diocese and surrounding communities might enjoy.


We’re writing the book right now and making very good progress . It will be a “cartoon book.” That’s not the same as a graphic novel, which is sequential art (like a comic book). The Herman Nootks cartoon book will be published a written story with cartoon illustrations like the one at the top of this page.


Besides Herman, Bishop Bob and Gomez, other characters in this first story include the Great Cloud of Witnesses, Papa the old mouse, Angelo (one of Bishop Bob‘s guardian angels), Sister Charlie, a media nun at the Book and Media Center near the cathedral; and Fat Puppy, a social media producer and Catholic evangelist. We will probably refer to one or two local priests as well — treating everyone with respect, of course.


Some of the places in the story that might be familiar to readers include the Old U.S. Customs House, the Cathedral (based on St. John the Baptist Cathedral), the Book and Media Center (aka “BMC), and St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Sumter.

Since we are still writing, there might me other places.


First, please pray for us. Herman Nootks is a substantial undertaking. We need a lot of leadership and guidance from the Kingdom of God to pull this off in a way that honors God and benefits our readers.

Follow us on this website and on social media to keep up with our progress. We hope to be able to finish this book and have it available by some time in April. It will be available online through Amazon and also in selected bookstores.

And be sure to get your copy once it’s out. All proceeds from the book will go to support good media that helps shape our culture and extend the message of the Gospel to the world.