Privacy Policy

We don’t collect information on any of our visitors without your knowledge and permission — never. Not ever!

We don’t store your data or share information about you with others either.

Mostly, we just travel. We go places and see things. We meet people and think. We pray, and we write.

Through our articles, we try to share some of the great people and wonderful things we encountered going down the Catholic Roads and the kinds of thoughts they inspired.

We do what we do to help others get the most from their pilgrimage — travels, life, and experiences. We also want you to get the most from your Catholic faith. You and the rest of the world should know how really cool the Catholic church is. We have a special name for that coolness. We call it “Catholic Cool.”

We don’t typically focus on travel tips. Instead, we try to inspire others to experience Catholic Cool and help them take the next steps on their life’s journey. Some call it formation. Others call it discipleship. We call it love and life on Catholic Roads.

We want to inspire our Catholic family to do more than take pictures and buy souvenirs as they go through life. We want you to create lasting memories that leave a legacy for others as they make a lasting impression on your eternal soul.

And because we really do love our rich, Catholic faith, we want to help all our family and friends here online draw closer to the Christ. We won’t do this by preaching. We know that a preacher is only as good as his last sermon. Instead, we want to introduce you to the Eucharistic Christ!

That’s our policy. That’s how we operate! It’s who we are, what we do, and what we’re all about!


We’ll let you know if anything changes. Come back and check from time to time.