Welcome to our “Cool2B” bookstore and media center where it’s always “cool2B” Catholic. The books, media, and gifts you’ll find here have been carefully selected because they are Catholic Cool!


Of course, you know where to find books, music, and other stuff online. You don’t need us for that. What makes the “Cool2B” page special is that it only has cool things for Catholics. We regularly search the web and consult our friends to find new items.

So this page is like a review (if we don’t think it’s cool or Catholic, we don’t put it on this page). It’s also like a place to read, watch, or listen to cool, Catholic stuff.

We rarely display more than a handful of items in any of our categories at any given time. Our purpose is to point our friends to good, wholesome, Catholic media and consumer items.

Many of the items here are fulfilled through Amazon, though we do offer links to other good media, as well as gifts from other sources.

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If you know about other items online that are really cool for Catholics (Catholic Cool) and would like us to share them here on our website, use the CONTACT page to communicate with us. We’ll be happy to review the items — but please keep in mind, we have strict standards about what we recommend to our friends online.