Sr. Tracey Caricature

Our apologies to Sr. Tracey Dugas, FSP. You'll better understand after seeing the cartoon and reading the comments below. ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION ... Ever since learning that Sr. Tracey would be taking on some new responsibilities for development with the Daughters of St. Paul, we were determined to do a caricature of her for online. So …

A Song A Day

There is magic in music. It's mathematical. It's artistic. And it can be heavenly too! START YOUR DAY ... Start each day with a song in your heart and support The Good Press everyday. Catholic media is Catholic Cool, and it goes wherever you are on Catholic Roads.

Good Art!

Pray for a miracle today ... or be one for somebody who needs a miracle. GREAT ART ... Make great art or let yourself be God's great art for others to enjoy. You can do this! You're a Catholic, and you were created in His image and likeness! In Christ!