Gallery::EucharistCon 2019

Drawing a crowd” to draw people to Jesus. That’s what we do when we attend an event.

Conferences, parish and diocesan retreats, and other events are special times in the life of the Church. There are usually good speakers and trainers. Most people are very friendly and interested. The exhibits and exhibitors are terrific! And we love being there in that environment “having some fun with the family”!

We attended the Marian Eucharistic Conference last year in Greenville SC. We “hung out” with some cool people (“Catholic Cool”) and drew caricatures in between speakers and after hours at social events.

It was fun! It was informative! And it was inspirational! And we came back with a few “casualties” (and new friends) from the event.

Greenville Marian Conference 2019

Let’s have some fun together!

We attend parish events and conferences from time-to-time. If you’re planning a parish event or a conference, we do sometimes attend to draw caricatures of speakers and attendees.

We also offer workshops on “Beattitude Careers” using caricature to stress the importance of knowing our Creator and knowing who we are in Him as we engage our careers on a daily basis. Our message is that your work matters to God and provides an amazing opportunity for Catholics to share the love of Jesus outside the church walls. Let us explain how a career can glorify God, bless those who work, and bring joy into homes everywhere.