St. Peters (Beaufort)

According to the St. Peters’ website, Catholicism in the Beaufort area dates from the 16th century with Spanish missions on Santa Elena (known today as Parris Island).  The original church was deeded to the diocese by Michael O’Connor, an 1822 Irish immigrant, primarily as a place of worship for his family and the few other Catholics in the area. Bishop Ignatius Reynolds dedicated the church on November 14, 1846.

The earliest recorded date for Beaufort’s connection with the Diocese of Charleston is 1835. That’s when Fr. John Maginnis, pastor of St. Andrew’s Church in Barnwell, would visit Beaufort, followed by priests from Charleston and Savannah. St Peters is the ninth oldest Catholic church in the Diocese of Charleston. 


A year or so back, we had a wonderful opportunity to visit St. Peters to interview Fr. Andrew Trapp. Most folks who know him know that he loves poker and once even won a lot of money in a poker contest on TV.

We look forward to adding other avatars from some of the members of St. Peters to this gallery.


While we were in Beaufort, we visited the historic St. Peters Church downtown. It’s one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Palmetto State. And of course, we did a sketch of it. We’re sharing it here online.