Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity began in 1893 when Bishop Northrop dedicated the first Catholic Church in Orangeburg. It was elevated to full-parish status in 1917. Father James Quinn was its first resident pastor. In the 1930’s, the Redemptorist Fathers assumed pastoral leadership of Holy Trinity and replaced the small wooden church with a brick structure.

In 1939, a mission for African Americans was started, and in 1940 a combination church, school, and convent was erected on Treadwell Street. Four days before it was to be dedicated it was burned down. It was rebuilt and dedicated as Christ the King by Bishop Emmet Walsh on October 18, 1942. One year later the Oblate Sisters of Providence came to develop and staff the church.

In 1966, a catechetical center and social were erected at the current site on Riverbank Drive. Bishop Unterkoefler merged Christ the King and Holy Trinity churches into a single congregation, closing. Christ the King church was closed, and the school relocated to the new catechetical center and renamed Holy Trinity School.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is the home parish for the founders of Catholic Roads.

We’ve enjoyed drawing our brothers and sisters in the parish and also creating posters of various church ministries using the avatars.

Individuals whose caricatures appear here are permitted to download and use them.


We’ve done two posters for the Holy Trinity parish. One was a “Creche” for the adult Bible study class. The other was for the Food Pantry ministry.