The hero of our Porch Stories is a little, orange mouse named “Herman Nootks.” A few years back, Herman was washed out of the Bull Swamp into the Edisto River during a great rainstorm. He landed on the waterfront in Chucktown and eventually ended up in the Chucktown Cathedral where he was saved from certain doom by Bishop Bob.

The good Bishop was so impressed with Herman’s thankful spirit that he commissioned the little mouse as the Cathedral mouse, just in time for the bicentennial celebration. It was a convenient coincidence since the good Bishop needed a Cathedral mouse for the bicentennial in keeping with old traditions in the Diocese. It turned out that Herman was the only mouse that Bishop Bob actually knew.


In our Porch Stories, you’ll get to know Herman, Bishop Bob, the sisters at the Catholic bookstore, the good folks at Holy Trinity parish, and lots of other interesting people. Chances are, you’ll laugh a little, smile a lot, and even think about things you might not have considered in a very long time — if ever.

You’ll also get used to something else. It’s the way we end all our stories. It appears below.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. “Cool2B!”

In Christ!