When you encounter “Wines” on a pilgrimage, it’s always about the fruit of life. The fruit comes in the joy of living well and glorifying God as you go.

It’s fun to travel on Catholic Roads. Around every twist in the road is the zest of a heart-warming encounter. Our travel route is the plan God has for our life (Jer 29:11-12). We learn to celebrate the dignity and treasure of life as the open road unfolds before us!

That’s what we share with you on Catholic Roads.


Of course, we’ve already told you that we tell stories and create art, like cartoons and caricatures. But you can expect the stories to be fun and sometimes funny too. They will be interesting and might even be informative (though most of us are not in need of much more information — so we prefer to deliver fun).

Often, the things you encounter on Catholic Roads will surprise you. Much joy from pilgrimage comes from the surprise encounters we have along the way.