Interesting People


It’s Cool 2B (cool to be) Catholic because the Church is full of interesting people. The people who make up the Church are a big part of what’s going to make your pilgrimage so amazing. You’re going to encounter lots of interesting people on Catholic Roads!

Okay, we admit it! We get a little carried away with this “Cool 2B” thing at times. But, we’re really excited about being Catholic!


You will definitely meet some fictional characters, like Herman Nootks, Gomez, and Bishop Bob. But you’ll also meet some real Catholics, like the Poker Priest. They are ordinary people who live their faith everyday, sometimes in pretty extraordinary ways. They are inspirational and informative, and, of course, they are interesting!

You’ll meet some of them in our fictional stories. Others you’ll meet in short feature stories. And still, others you’ll meet in caricatures and cartoons.


Look around the web site. At any time, it’s always “under construction” because we’re always telling the story. But you’re going to find some cool things about being Catholic and living the life God has given you to the fullest.

Follow the blog. It will lead you to “Shrines!” for your pilgrimage.

And keep scrolling down this page a little more too!