It’s cool to be Catholic! Encounter the coolness on your pilgrimage today!

Catholic Roads produces media, usually under the pen name of Rom Webster. Rom Webster is not actually a single person, but a team. The name stands for “Reach One Media” (Rom) and “web stuff” (webster).


We have some great stories to tell, and we’re telling them from an unusual perspective. You’ll find more about that on our website under “Herman Nootks.” Of course, we do avatars and caricatures, as well as pen and ink sketches, but the heart of the apostolate is catechesis. We teach, form, and disciple Catholics every chance we get!

The largest religious group in the United States is Catholics. Now here’s a sad fact — the second largest group is “fallen away” Catholics. Few Catholics who actually know the promises Jesus made in the Bible to the church He established would ever consider leaving that Church. Yet so many do. We have to conclude that those who fall away just don’t know what Jesus promised — especially the truth about baptism, the Holy Eucharist, and the Ark of the Covenant.


The good news is that we have also observed a deep hunger among practicing Catholics to know more about the Bible. Most do understand that the mass is almost entirely Scripture. But they’re deeply troubled that they don’t know how to find things in their Bible, read it regularly, and use it in a practical way in their daily life. Many also don’t know how the contents of the Bible fit together to form a single, divine story — BUT THEY WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS! They want somebody to help them learn these lessons. And they’ll even go outside the Church when someone else promises to teach them the “sacred secrets” that only the Church has.

We believe that helping Catholics learn Bible basics is the most powerful way to evangelize them. And when those in the Church Jesus started know these lessons, they’ll be ready to change the world as Jesus had envisioned (Matt 28:18-20). Everything we do at Catholic Roads is geared for that purpose!

Our mission is to evangelize Catholics (new evangelization) so Catholics will know and appreciate the truth of their faith.


We’re just a small team with an Acts 1:8 vision for evangelization, formation, and catechesis. We concentrate our efforts in the Palmetto State. This year is an important year for us. The Diocese of Charleston (encompassing all of South Carolina) is celebrating its bicentennial. This could be a year God really blesses Catholics with a fire for their faith!


And yes, it’s true! We never get tired of saying it. It’s cool to be Catholic. “Cool2B!”