It’s “Cool 2B” Catholic! Encounter the coolness on your pilgrimage today!

Catholic Roads was established by Beth and Frank in 2017 as a media apostolate and part of the non-profit work of Reach One Media. Our mission is to evangelize Catholics and the world around us.

Beth is a convert to the Catholic church. Frank is a revert. They live on a small farm in the middle of the Diocese of Charleston. They are active in Holy Trinity parish and also have connections to St. Joseph parish and St. Michael’s Catholic Community, which is part of the Archdiocese of the Military Services.


We have some great stories to tell, and we’re telling them from an unusual perspective. The message is global; but the stories are almost always local. Most of what you’ll see and hear are centered in a single diocese in the heart of the Bible Belt. We picked this location because it’s our home, the Diocese of Charleston. The diocese serves as a backdrop for the real story, which is life and pilgrimage!


We have a lot of fun doing caricature and creating emoji style cartoons. Sometimes (when appropriate), they end up in “Herman Nootks.” But we also do work for our friends in parishes, drawing caricatures and creating posters for ministries and mission groups to celebrate their great work. And we do caricatures to help promote priestly and religious vocations too.

You will be able to see a lot of the caricatures here online.


Another thing you might enjoy here at Catholic Roads is our parish sketches. We do “Herman Nootk-style” sketches of churches. A lot of times, we just do them in support of a superhero story that takes place (supposedly) in or around a local parish. At other times we do them as a thank you when we attend mass or visit a parish.

You will be able to see a lot these drawings here online too. We plan to put one or two at the bottom of this page so you can see what we’re talking about.


Catholic Roads produces media under the pen name of Rom Webster. Rom Webster is not actually the name of any person that we know. It’s actually a team of people. The name stands for “Reach One Media” (Rom) and “web stuff” (Webster).

Ahh, sweet life! When we embrace it fully, and take time to encounter God in pilgrimage, we learn that it really is “Cool 2B” Catholic. It’s “Catholic Cool”!