Escape from the ordinary. Experience God in the great adventure of life!

It’s cool to be Catholic — Catholic Cool!  Encounter “Catholic Coolness” today!

Catholic Roads is about the “encounters” with Christ. We try to emphasize the many cool things about being a Catholic. Our favorite is helping to make pilgrimage possible for ordinary people with everyday responsibilities and obligations and no time left over for travel.

Though it’s not necessary to go far away for long periods to encounter Jesus Christ, life-changing experiences do seem to occur more often on pilgrimage. Because of this, we encourage a lifestyle of pilgrimage (spiritual journeys) in everyday settings.


As incredible as it sounds, most of us have opportunities everyday to meet with God, to speak and listen to Him, and believe it or not, even hang out with Him as a friend (Jn 15:15).  But first, we have to encounter Him — we can’t just pass Him by oblivious to the holiness all around us.

We can encounter our Lord at home with our families, at work on our jobs and in our careers, outside while exercising, on vacation, or even while shopping. No matter what activity we might conceive of doing, Jesus is already there waiting for us (2 Pt 3:9).


We can take a lesson from the Prophet Elijah. The moral of his account in 2 Kings 19 is that we’re more likely to notice the Lord when we free ourselves from our daily routines in exchange for a spiritual journey (1 Kg 19:1-12).

Notice the many calamities that went on around the great prophet in this story. They were loud and fierce and scary too. But God was not in those things. In fact, it was not until Elijah experienced the sound of “silence” that He encountered Almighty God.

Think of God as a “gentleman.” He is kindly. He will not interrupt when we’re speaking. He will not shout to get our attention either. To the contrary, God comes to us like a gentle breeze, lightly tickling the back of our necks. Sadly, while the refreshing breeze impacts how we feel, hardly ever do we contemplate the breeze itself. And that really is too bad!


At Catholic Roads, we travel. We meet people. We see where they live and work. And as we go, we sketch buildings, write cartoon humor, and draw caricatures too.

We also pay close attention to the spirituality of work. Most people enter a workplace almost everyday — their own or someone else’s. Either way, work and the workplace matter very much to God! Our careers are an essential part of our life’s “vocation,” generally defining the journey God has laid out before us (Prov 16:3, 9).

We also teach — mostly online (“The Echos”) but sometimes at conferences and events too. We teach about work and careers and things like that. We also use cartoons to help teach the Bible from a unique perspective (how might you have reacted if you were one of the characters in a Bible story?).


Life is a pilgrimage. It’s a journey. And you can’t separate it from your family and your work. What you can do, however, is make each new day a pilgrimage where you will meet God and grow in your relationship with Him through the encounter.

In both “vocation” and “pilgrimage,” things happens like this:

  1. God calls.
  2. We respond.
  3. Life happens.

Ahh, sweet life! When we embrace it fully, things really do get very cool for Catholics! God wants your life to be Catholic Cool!


Check out “The Echos” and enroll in a free online class. Or contact us if you want to discuss some ways you can make pilgrimage a regular part of your life. Don’t forget to follow our “Bible Study Cartoons” website too. Thanks for visiting!