Sushi Chef

Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually.

— 1 Chron 16:11 (NRSV)


Our crew calls him “Chef.” Many people who visit The Flying Fish restaurant at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach just know him as “Itamae Supreme” (supreme sushi chef). It’s all about paying homage to the best sushi chef on the Grand Strand and most likely, the entire Palmetto State!


“Itamae” is a Japanese word that seems to have been coined especially for Chef Clayton. It describes a rare person who has devoted himself to learning the art of making sushi. That same person then pours himself out to master the nuances of his art — the kinds of things a person eating sushi never actually notices but still definitely appreciates.

“There’s something different, even special going on at this sushi bar!” we’ve heard them say.


Like a painter, a sculptor, or a poet, the itamae begins with an idea. Some might say a vision.

Of course, there are the ingredients. There always are. But the true chef doesn’t just mix those ingredients. He dances with them. The dance begins with prep, which always precedes the presentation. Most people don’t see this prep, although it takes place in plain view.

In all things, good prep is essential to creation. That’s when the spirit of the itamae does that dance with his daily vision. That’s when he introduces himself to the ingredients he plans to share with his audience of diners. That’s when the magic really happens.

Yes, making sushi is an art form. It is a culinary art and Chef Clayton is truly an artist!


As a younger man, before experience shaded his beard grey, Chef Clayton studied sushi making under a Japanese chef. The more he learned, the more he realized this is what he

wanted to do with his life. Over the years, Chef Clayton has worked hard to expand his knowledge and refine his skills — until today!


Well, wow! You just have to find out for yourself.


The next time the Holy Highway takes you to South Carolina’s Grand Strand, stop by The Flying Fish to visit Chef Clayton. The sushi bar opens about 4pm for the evening diners. You’re guaranteed to experience some of the best sushi you’re ever going to eat anywhere!

On the way in or as you go out, stop by the sushi bar to say hello. Though he’s likely to be busy, we’ve never known Chef Clayton to be too busy to say hello to a sushi lover.

If you watch a few minutes, you’ll probably learn something really cool about great sushi. And even if you don’t learn anything, you’re definitely going to feel the joy he experiences as he makes those tasty nuggets of goodness. Chef Clayton’s sushi is delicious and his joy is contagious!


Of course, we prayed for Chef Clayton as we drew his caricature. After all, that is what we do.

Wherever you go today, especially in the workplace (yours or someone else’s), pray for the people you encounter. The workplace is where so many people spend most of their time everyday, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the day.

You don’t need to preach to them. In fact, please don’t. Just ask God to bless them, the work that they do, and the people they serve.

Prayer works wherever people work!


You’ll find Chef Clayton at The Flying Fish restaurant. It’s located at Barefoot Landing on the Inland Coastal Waterway (it has a great view of the harbor and it’s fun to watch the boats pass by). They have fresh seafood, top notch service — and the best sushi anywhere in the Carolinas!

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!

Vivat Jesus!


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