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Flash News …

THE RED BARN STUDIO USA (CR News) — Whether you’re a photographer, a caricature artist, a country story teller, or something else, the key to living a good life is “seeing the moment” and “being in the moment.” We’ve come to the conclusion that far too many people miss out on life by focusing on what has happened or what will happen. So we try to live and work “in the moment” at the Red Barn Studio (our studio and sometimes Bible study classroom) and The Shabby (our hobby farm).

We saw a holy moment this evening and seized it. Now we we want to share it with you. Let’s talk.

Background …

The Bible tells us that nothing unholy will ever enter heaven. (Rev 21:27) That’s a real problem for me (Rom) because, well … I’m just not holy yet. So not only do I need Jesus to keep the gates open for me, but I need the Holy Spirit to clean me up too! Fortunately, as a Catholic, I understand that there is a purifying fire (Mal 3:2) which God uses to purge our souls after they have left our flesh — after we have died.

For those of you who don’t understand that, we’re not saying you can be saved after you die. We are saying, however, that physical death does not put us out of the reach of Almighty God or end our relationship with Him.

Nitty Gritty …

So here we are, way out in the country having holy moments (many thanks to Matthew Kelly and also to our brother Earl). Holy moments are fertile and contagious. The photo at the top of the page includes The Red Barn Studio and The Tree of Good Humor, both in the North Pasture of The Shabby. From the lane between the pasture and the house (cabin), the ground fog was mesmerizing because it was backlit by the sun. A few moments later, the view had disappeared.

That’s how life is too. You really do have to seize the moment. And when you do, make it holy.

As Matthew Kelly teaches, while few of us will live a truly holy life on this earth, we can experience holy moments. And if we have enough of them, it will feel like a holy life — at least, until the Lord puts us to the refiner’s fire.

And so we’ve grown food here and enjoyed Christmases together. We’ve built things and sat together to pray and eat — sometimes around a big campfire. We’ve ridden motorcycles and tractors, and we’ve even flown too low a few times. And of course, we’ve loved the animals including the little cats who roam the land.

Life is good because God is good!

Our Story …

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. Enjoy the pictures below and keep liking the caricatures and cartoons here and on social media!

Your Move …

The next move is yours! What will you do?

The world is getting crazy, but you don’t have to join it. Turn in the other direction. Repent. Seek the Lord while He still can be found. (Isa 55:6) You’ll never regret getting to know Him.

Vivat Jesus!

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  1. I believe Holy Moments at The Shabby glimmer as they are eliminated by the Devine light of God’s presence…Amen 🙏

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