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VATICAN CITY STATE (CR News) — though we cannot yet say positively that they were from Mars, the Red Planet, scientists have uncovered rock solid evidence that our planet was visited by red people a long time ago. Stay tuned for more information on this ground-breaking, earth-shattering story.

[FAKE NEWS ALERT … our news story is just a spoof, folks. Don’t get too excited about it!]


If you didn’t get the correct answer to our “Bible Study Quiz,” don’t feel bad. It’s actually a trick question. There is a play on words of sorts taking place in the Bible.

Before we explain, we want to point out that the creation story does not actually say that God named the man Adam. In Gen 2, it just starts using that word. So here’s the solution to our “Bible Study Quiz.”

We find the naming of Adam in Gen 5:2. Furthermore, we learn that the name applies to both Adam and Eve — and why not? Eve was made from the rib of Adam. The Bible verse in question tells us the following:

“Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them ‘Humankind’ when they were created.”

— Gen 5:2, NRSV

The Nitty Gritty

What makes this “Bible Study Quiz” a trick question for us today is the Hebrew word from which we get our Bible words “mankind” or “humankind.” The Hebrew word, as you might have already guessed, is “Adam.”

But the Hebrew word “Adam” does not mean man or mankind or humankind like we just explained above. It actually means “red” or “ruddy” or even “blood.” Thus, the best meaning we can get for the Adam in the Bible creation story is “red man” or “red people.”

By the way, as you read further into the Old Testament, you’re going to come upon a place called Edom. You’re also going to find names like Edom or Odem. And you’re going to encounter a people group called the Edomites. All these names have a similar etymology (root) to our Bible name Adam. They all mean mean “red” or “ruddy” or “blood.“

Our Story

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

3 thoughts on “Meet Adam

  1. I find this very intriguing and the lifetime of God’s created first man, 900 plus years. It is also intriguing that native Americans are called red men. In the fast changing world we live in it would be horrific what you would live through in even 200 years, 900 years is totally unimaginable. Thank you Jesus for short life, amen 🙏

    1. Yes, brother, and a lot more to consider in your comment too. Who would really want to live even 200 years on this earth as it is now, especially when you know that eternal life awaits us with the Christ and the Kingdom of God? And the thought of the “red man” in light of Native Americans, who were often labeled as “red men”? Wow!

    2. A totally different thought right now, brother. “RGB.” It’s a color wheel (so to speak) that can be used to make virtually any other color the eye can see. RED … GREEN … and BLUE (RGB). Mix them and play with them.

      But here’s the rub, insofar as it applies to creation. RED as the color of humankind. GREEN as the color of the earth and vegetation. And BLUE as the color of the sky above. Those three colors, which are still so important today, especially to digital art, describe God’s creation in its simplest form.

      Vivat Jesus!

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