PooPa and Rosebud

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ORANGEBURG SC (CR News) — It happens everyday all across America. A grandparent spends a few quiet moments with a grandchild, and those moments are remembered decades later. Long after the grandparent has departed this life, his or her lessons will be shared with yet another grandchild in another time and place.


According to our usually reliable sources, old Earl recently had just such a moment with one of his granddaughters. Like most of Earl’s grandchildren, little Rosebud was convinced that her grandfather knew everything. If the grandkids didn’t actually believe that, they never let Earl know any different.

The Nitty Gritty

Rosebud (that’s what Earl sometimes calls this granddaughter) wanted to know why she was alive. Believe it or not, as young as she is, she already thinks about deep things like the purpose of life.

Of course, old Earl didn’t disappoint his little Rosebud. Not at first, anyway. Our sources.told us the whole story and, rather than rehashing the details, we shared some news photos online to tell the story.

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Our Story

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.


It’s cool to be Catholic. Very COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

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  1. Grand Pops do not have the answers to the many questions brought in sincerity and love..most times the answer is sincerity and love. Thank you Jesus for innocent Grandchildren, amen 🙏

  2. Thanks Rom, I am so blessed to live in an ocean of love created by God and nurtured constantly by the Holy Spirit, Amen 🙏

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