New Images! New Stories!

Our Story …

A new story is emerging in our studio. It includes many of the things going on in the world around us today. And hopefully, these story’s will portray the reality of everyday life in some interesting, and perhaps unconventional ways.

Of course, the central character of the story remains the little orange mouse known as Herman Nootks. Herman is the Cathedral mouse for the Chucktown Diocese, a fictional place — or perhaps, just an alternative reality (AR) for a real place. More on that later!

It Is Written …

The Bible talks about having eyes that see and ears that hear. In fact, Jesus says we are blessed when our eyes actually do see and our ears actually do hear the truth (Mt 13:16). It’s only when we know the truth that we are set free to be the wonderful people that we really are. (Jn 8:32).

Not surprisingly, there are more ways than ever to see the truth today. And there are more pundits than ever calling themselves “fact checkers” and proclaiming they have the real truth. But what does God reveal about the truth? What does He say in Scripture about truth in our world even now?

St. Paul boldly declares that the pillar and foundation of truth is actually the Church (1 Tim 3:15). What Church was he talking about, you might ask? That’s an easy question to answer because there was only one church at the time of his missionary journeys. The great schism of churches had not yet begun. He was speaking of the universal church which the Christ Himself had established, was building, and promised to protect until the very end of the age (Mt 16:16-18).

St. Ignatius of Antioch gave this Church its name, which is used to this day. He labeled the Church as Catholic (universal) because it had spread everywhere in such a short period of time. And he called the followers of the Way Jesus taught Christians (little Christs) because they were so committed to living as Christ had taught His disciples to live.

Life Goes On …

So it’s time for us to tell some tales. It’s often easier for folks to see the truth in fiction, so we’ll be telling some fantastic, little stories. But you will surely recognize some of the things in these stories as reflecting what is going on in the world around us. That’s no accident!

The stories are for everyone, of course. But the older folks are the ones who might find them most enlightening. After all, Rom (our chief story teller who is depicted at the top of this page) is an old guy himself. And even now, as he lives, he’s learning stuff he couldn’t even have imagined just weeks ago. And he’s sharing them in the stories.

So let’s get started. We’ll be unveiling some characters in the days ahead. And we’ll be sharing some background information that might help you understand them and also get some new perspective on what’s really going on in this seemingly crazy world all around us.



That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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