Saving the Leftovers

Our Story …

Earl was feeling a bit down. He had always been in great health, but lately, things weren’t going as well as usual. There were those nagging little pains that nearly every old person seems to talk about. And then there was the prospect for more problems as time passed.

Earl was beginning to understand what those Old Testament Jewish people must’ve felt like in exile. As you grow older, it’s easy to feel alone and forgotten.

It Is Written …

In the Bible, God tells the Jewish people in exile that He was going to restore their health and heal their wounds. You can imagine how desperate someone in exile might feel. They are in a land where nobody seems to care about them. Often they’re separated from family and friends. And in general, their situation can seem hopeless! That’s why Jeremiah’s message was so important.

Though he didn’t say these exact words, his message was clear: “God still loves you. He has not forgotten you, and He plans to fix everything. Hang in there, Be patient.”

The Catechism reminds us that God’s people had to suffer. They had to be purified. The good news was that, in God’s plan, their exile was already in the shadow of the Cross. In Christ, we all can find hope, no matter what our circumstance is. (CCC 710)

Life Goes On …

Fortunately, Earl’s doctor was a Knight. Their relationship was more than just doctor-patient. They were friends and brothers.

One of Earl’s favorite pastimes had always been tinkering with cars. He was impressed that “Doc” seemed to know a little about cars too. He appreciated Doc’s analogy about tune-ups and oil changes. But then, Doc quickly convinced Earl that mechanical things were not his specialty. As a mechanic, Doc always seemed to have leftover parts when he finished working on his own car. Gratefully, that was never the case with his medical practice! Doc was a good doctor!

It’s not so bad getting old. In fact, while you have your health, old age is actually the best time of your life. Learn to thank God in every season of your life!



It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

2 thoughts on “Saving the Leftovers

  1. Hind sight is 20/20, and as we reflect on the many bad habits we had over the years we know that many of our ills today are the result of those poor choices from yesterday. Even good choices in excess can lead to permanent damage of the temple of the Holy Spirit. Time eventually tells all tales, with x-rays and MRI’s revealing the many “I wish I hadn’t done that”wounds from when we were invincible…


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