The Bishop’s Man Cave

Our Story …

Bishop Bob didn’t always have a Man Cave. His Cathedral mouse Herman was actually responsible for convincing the old bishop that he should have a special place to meet informally with his priests.

The Bishop and his priests always prayed together in the Man Cave. Sometimes they watched a ball game together too.

It Is Written …

The Bible tells us that the elders should serve the younger ones (Rom 12:9-15). Bishop Bob understood that to mean leaders should be willing to serve like Jesus did.

The Catechism teaches that charity (love) must be genuine. We ought to love one another as brothers, rejoicing in hope. We should be patient in trials and constant in prayer too, always contributing to the needs of the saints. And yes — we should practice hospitality. (CCC 1971)

That was all the motivation Bishop Bob needed to establish the first Chucktown Diocese Man Cave.

Life Goes On …

Nearly every week, priests dropped by to visit Bishop Bob. It quickly became the tradition at the Man Cave for everyone to share their prayer needs together. They often enjoyed food and refreshments, and they liked to watch a ball game too.

Earlier this week, Deacon Guy discovered Bishop Bob’s Man Cave. It was the night of the sixth game of the World Series, and a lot of priests would be stopping by the Man Cave. So Bishop Bob warmly welcomed the Deacon — and invited him to bring the chips and beer.

Man Caves are like that. Here’s the rest of the story …



That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic COOL2B!

In Christ!

2 thoughts on “The Bishop’s Man Cave

  1. Man Caves are a place of unique sharing where what is shared stays within the walls of the Cave. Men have a possibility to open up themselves in a place that only like minds are comfortable venturing into. The ice breaking may occur during the visual frustrations and high five moments of contact sports. Bishop Bob knows how to bring his Parish Priests together in an environment of open dialogue, amen 🙏


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