Exorcism and Intercession

Our Story …

“The conflict is not political!” Herman heard the small voice in his heart say. “The great struggle is actually spiritual.”

Herman knew whose voice it was. The little Cathedral mouse paused to reflect on what was being said.

Long ago, the orange mouse had learned that God’s voice comes often throughout the day. It sounds very much like the voice we hear in all our other thoughts, but with one big difference. God’s voice tells us things we don’t already know. And a little mouse cannot tell himself anything that he does not already know.

“Listen and learn.” Herman never forgot that lesson.

It Is Written …

The Bible tells us that life’s battles are not with other people. People are not your enemy! The real battle is waged with “principalities,” “rulers of worldly darkness,” and “spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12)

The interesting thing is that St. Paul’s proclamation actually describes specific choirs of angels. It refers to angelic beings — fallen angels that accompany Satan in his demonic efforts to occupy the world and establish a kingdom of darkness in the face of God’s Kingdom (Matt 24:14).

It would make quite a plot for a “sci fi” movie were it not actually a true story. This story is taking place all around us right now. Let’s talk.

Life Goes On …

Actually, the story has been developing for thousands of years. It is most apparent in the Gospels, and perhaps, most so in the Gospel of Mark (written by John Mark and likely to be the perspective of St. Peter whom St. Mark accompanied). Tim Gray describes the Gospel of Mark as the “action Gospel.” (Tim Gray, PhD; Augustine Institute)

The encounters between Jesus and demons in the presence of everyday people could be described in two words: exorcism and intercession. That’s what’s been at the very heart of this spiritual battle since the beginning of time.

The Christ and His vicars (in persona Christi) cast out demons who “occupy” people (actually quite different from Hollywood-style possession). When a person becomes “pre-occupied” with things of this world, they get distracted. They stop seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt 6:33). That’s when they get lost (Matt 18:12).

The rest of us have a very important role to play in this great drama. It is intercession.

As we follow the stories of these people whom the Christ helped in the Gospels, we become aware that most of them are accompanied by companions. The companions bring them to Jesus or assist them in getting there. We are to be like the “caring companions” in the Gospels.

Don’t be deceived. Exorcism is not just dramatic displays of holiness. Understand that the nature of demons is to be crafty , clever, and cunning. But demons are not creative! They can only copy and distort what they see God doing. And God, in the person of Christ, exorcises demons from human beings.

That’s what’s behind the strange behavior of the demon in the Bible who says he knows who Jesus of Nazareth is. He knows that Jesus is the Son of God (Mark 1:24).

The demon knows that identity is vital to exorcism. Tim Gray (Augustine Institute) reminds us that the demon identifies Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God to exorcise the divine life out of Jesus.

Get this! The demon is trying to separate the secular from the sacred (doesn’t that sound familiar!!!). But Jesus, who has all authority on heaven and earth (Matt 18:18), will have nothing to do with that. So He immediately commands the demon to be silent.

The point?

The things going on around us right now seem to be political and cultural, but they’re actually spiritual warfare. The Christ exorcises evil spirits from occupied flesh. He does it through the Church He established while still on earth, and He protects His Church from the gates of hell (Matt 16:16-20).

Satan attempts to mimic Christ by exorcising the divine life from God’s people. He uses worldly resources like destruction of the family, media distortions, corrupt politicians, and confused culture to achieve his diabolical goals.

Meanwhile, the Church (the Church Militant) intercedes, along with the saints and angels in heaven, to combat this great evil. It seems overwhelming, but it is not. Greater is He who is in us than the evil one who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

And of course, we love — both God and our neighbors, who are sometimes as unloveable as we can be.

The message now is to learn to pray. Prayer, accompanied by love and service, is the greatest weapon of the ages. Don’t try to exorcise. Just pray, love, and serve! Leave the rest to Jesus and prepare yourself to see God do miraculous things!


Well, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic COOL2B!

In Christ!

2 thoughts on “Exorcism and Intercession

  1. Amen, Herman, it is very easy today to be lead down the path of demonic influence. Distractions have become a constant part of our daily life. Those distractions lead us to the dark side and we usually don’t know it is happening to us. Today self centered behavior and the lack of love is the common way of living, how sad. Save us from this Jesus.


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