Everyday Knights

Our Story …

Well, if you’ve paid any attention to what’s going on out here on the Holy Highway (35:8), you already realize that there are still Knights in the world today. They’re all around us, but most people don’t realize it because they look pretty ordinary — until their community needs some help. That’s when those Knights spring into action!

It Is Written …

The Bible tells us that, whatever we say or do, it should all be for the glory of our Lord (Col 3:17). To a person who has not been formed very well in the faith, doing anything for “glory” (God’s glory or our own) might sound a little “uppity.” But it’s not!

To glorify God is simply to make Him known in the world around us. And people need to know God.

Life Goes On …

Well, folks, old Earl did finally finish cutting that grass in the hot, Carolina summer sunshine. And he did suffer too. But when he was all done, he realized that when he’s sitting on that old lawnmower, he’s all alone with God. And that’s when God really talks with a man who’s willing to listen and learn.

As the summer ends and autumn begins to tease us, Earl knows his lawn cutting days are just about over — at least, for now. But he also knows that there’ll be other opportunities to talk with God. There’s always some leaves that need to be raked. And God never tires of talking with His children.


It’s cool to be Catholic. And it’s cool to be a Knight too. COOL2B!

In Christ!

2 thoughts on “Everyday Knights

  1. I also find amazing lessons when you have to have someone else mow your lawn because you are sidelined with a medical condition. You are humbled by their act of kindness as you struggle to accept your dose of humility.


    1. Our Lord gives us opportunities to serve others. And then, he gives others opportunities to serve us. You have always been an humble gentleman. God bless you, brother!


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