Deals Gap

Our Story …

Rom and Fat Puppy made their way up the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap. It’s a 318 curve adventure over 11 miles of twisty mountain roads on North Carolina’s Hwy 129. And it’s a popular, challenging ride for motorcyclists who want to test their skills.

It turns out, it was also a great time for two old friends to catch up with the twists and curves their lives had taken. The best part was remembering the many wonderful things God had done for both men.

It Is Written …

The Bible tells a dramatic story about the Apostle St. Paul’s conversion (Acts 22:6-21). It happened on another challenging highway, the Damascus Road. Like many motorcyclists on The Tail of the Dragon, St. Paul (still called Saul at the time) was thrown from his ride — and it changed his life. It changed the world too.

The Catechism includes an interesting conversation on the nature of the Church. The gathering of the people,it explains, begins with Baptism. The renewal of the baptismal life requires penance, it continues, stressing that a church must lend itself to repentance and forgiveness. And finally, it must also be a space that invites people to prayer that extends the great prayer, which is the Eucharist itself (CCC 1185).

Life Goes On …

Both men agreed that they were grateful to God for the years they had outside the Church. But both men understood that they owed God their very life for bringing them into the fullness of Christ in the Church.

They completed their ride safely and made to their homes and families too. The really great adventure came later, as they got together with their brother Knights in love, oneness, and brotherhood to help their parish and community.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. And it’s cool to be a Knight too! COOL2B!

Thank you, Jesus! In Christ.

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