Knight Time Prayers

Our Story …

Old Earl! He’s a Knight.

Everyone who knows him agrees, Earl could’ve been almost anything he wanted to be. He was a handsome man, as far as things like that go. He’s intelligent, kind, and gentle too. Had he set out to do it, he could’ve been a movie actor or even an important political figure or community leader.

But Earl didn’t invest his life in that way.

It Is Written …

The Bible says that grandchildren are the crown of the aged. And, of course, the glory of children is their parents (Prov 17:6).

The Catechism, quite naturally, supports this vision. It explains that, with all humility and meekness, and with patience too, they support one another in charity (CCC 2219).

Life Goes On …

Earl chose the family life. He got married. He had children — lots of them — with his wife Deni. And now they have many, many grandchildren.

And Earl became a Catholic. And he became a Knight, active in his parish. And although he wished Herman wouldn’t say things like this about him, Earl became a real blessing to many folks.

And yes! Earl is still a blessing. Our brother is still among the saints with us, standing shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Knights. But best of all, Earl is still Deni’s trusted friend — along with Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph.

When the dust settles over each of us, as it surely will some day, there are really only a few things that actually matter. Chief among them are love and service to others. That’s what it means to be a Knight in Chucktown Diocese.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. And it’s cool to be a Knight too! COOL2B!

Thank you, Jesus! In Christ.

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