Onsite With Insight

Most people would not know this family was out for a prayer walk!

Background …

We get asked sometimes, “What do you pray about when you go parish praying?” What they mean is, how do we do this prayer mission when we are in motor homes or RV’s, on motorcycles, or just prayer walking?

Let’s talk.

The Vision …

We’re Catholic! Through Christ, we have been given some very special and intensely powerful prayer “resources” (that’s not a good description … sorry).

They include:

  • The Mass
  • The Rosary

We don’t reinvent the wheel. We go with what God has already given us.

When we’re out on the Holy Highway praying, we attend daily mass at the local parish church, if at all possible. If not, then we spend time in front of the tabernacle there.

Then we pray the Rosary around the parish.

How-To …

This is the really fun part.

As all our Catholic friends know, there are five decades for the Rosary. And on any given day, there are five mysteries from the Gospels. They’re used for meditation. So naturally, we go to five locations to “blanket” the parish community. And we pray a decade at each location, meditating on the mystery for that decade as we consider the purpose of the location where we are praying.

In general, the five locations, in no particular order are:

  • FOOD CHAIN — a grocery store, farmers market, or other place where families come to obtain food and related items. As you pray here for the place, for the food, for the workers, and for the customers, be sure to pray for the local food chain. Ask God to continue to enable healthy food to be available to the people of the parish. (One decade of the Rosary is prayed on site.)
  • HEALTHCARE —- a hospital, a pharmacy, an urgent care, or almost any other location where families receive healthcare support. As you pray on site here, pray for the people who work there and for the people who come for prevention or treatment. Ask God to bless the people of this parish with good health. (One decade of the Rosary is prayed on site.)
  • GOVERNMENT— an administration building, a courthouse, or any other government building near the parish church. As you pray, remember those people who serve their communities as employees. Pray also for the people who come and go, getting services offered in the building. Ask God to guide the leaders of the local and regional governments that they would always serve this community wisely and fairly. (One decade of the Rosary is prayed on site.)
  • SCHOOL / EDUCATION —- pray near a school being careful not to disrupt any of the activities taking place. Pray for the young people attending classes. Pray that they would be safe and would learn things that are pleasing to God. Pray for the staff and faculty too, that God would inspire them to always have the interest of the students first in their minds and hearts. Ask God to guide school boards and trustees that curricula and instruction would always be pleasing to God. (One decade of the Rosary is prayed on site.)
  • STORE / SHOP — a place of business. Go do some window shopping. While you’re on site, be sure to pray for this business, the people who work there, the customers who enter, and the delivery people who serve it. As you’re playing for this place, you are also praying for the local economy that supports the people in this parish. (One decade of the Rosary is prayed on site.)

The Fun Stuff …

And of course, we always have a little fun and fellowship when we go out praying. Be sure to stop at a local restaurant and get some good food. Talk to the people who serve you. Bless them with your joy and thank them for their service. Tip generously and wish them well.

No matter whether you are with a prayer group of ten or more people, or just two of you, enjoy this time before returning home. Use the meal as a way of thanking God for letting you meet him with prayer and insight wherever you might be.

God is good … all the time … and all the time … God is good.

Go pray, folks! And have the time of your life with your family and friends! You can change the world!

In Christ!

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