Mo and Kate

Nice Catholic Girls …

What can a couple of nice Catholic girls do to change the world? Most people would say nothing. But that’s not what Mo and Kate say.

Mo and Kate are a couple of nice Catholic girls (as they describe themselves). These two fictional ladies are “pros.” That is, they are pro-life women committed to saving as many babies from the abortion clinics in the Chucktown Diocese as possible. That’s the theme of our new eBook that we are (currently) calling “Mo and Kate.”

About the eBook …

The new eBook, which should be available for download some time in August, traces the valiant effort of two nice, Catholic girls to raise awareness about Chucktown Diocese’s “Respect Life” ministry and also encourage thousands of faithful people to pray for an end to abortion.

Their strategy for accomplishing this lofty goal is to create technology for people to pray in and around the abortion clinics — even if they can’t actually be there. No, it’s not magic. It’s technology and God’s grace, of course.

Anyway, we’ll let you know when “Mo and Kate” is available for download. Plan to snag a copy and also tell your friends about it too. It will be fun to read, and it should also take you on a prayer adventure that will change a generation or more.

In Christ!

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