Doesn’t Matter


We’re all searching for something in life, and we’re most likely to find whatever it is we’re looking for. The greatest hope of many ought to be that, somewhere along the way, we get distracted from our misguided expeditions.

By its nature, culture shapes us. And by our nature, we shape culture. Most of us, however, will be more dramatically shaped by the culture rather than shaping it. The great many are like a powerless and rudderless boat in culture. We respond to the shift in winds and the ebb and flow of the tides. But that’s not how it is for the counter-culture character. He or she is a “culture shaper.”

The late Senator Ted Kennedy once said that some folks look at the world and ask why it’s like it is. Meanwhile, others look at that same world and ask why it’s not what it might be. Of course, we have paraphrased this message, but the point still remains. Our culture is in grave danger of destroying itself right now.

WHY is this happening? WHY NOT move in another, completely different direction?


The Bible cautions us to seek first the Kingdom of God. And it encourages us that all the other things we need and want will be ours when we do (Matt 6:33). But you cannot do that in a culture whose culture shapers know nothing of the Kingdom of God. Our culture today is in great need of counter-culture people who can ask the question, “Why not?”

Our world is made up of two things. The first is “matter.” Most people would define that as anything we can see, touch, and explore. The second thing is “doesn’t matter.” That’s anything that doesn’t help us be the best person we can be and our society be the best society it can be.

Matter or doesn’t matter? We’ll either be saved by what we seek or damned by it. Are you focused today on things that really matter in life? If you’re not sure of your answer, seek first the Kingdom of God. When you make that counter-culture shift in your life, you’ll never have to be concerned with the “doesn’t matter” things of this world.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B.

In Christ.

2 Replies to “Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Each Holy Moment is a “why not”opportunity to resist being part of today’s culture. Herman you have such wisdom in your writing. May I follow your lead and be the best version of myself and chose to do what does matter in the next moment. Amen 🙏


    1. Of course, Herman is a very flawed little mouse himself. But he has learned from his buddy Earl to seek those holy moments. So yes! Let’s all focus on the matters and become the best version of ourselves. In Christ!


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