Floods, Mousetraps, and Superheroes


The Bible! It’s such an interesting book. It’s truth, but it’s also literary. That’s one reason the average person doesn’t always get the fullness of the Bible when they read it.


We’ve just posted a little story over on “Bible Study Cartoons.” In this story, we retrace how Herman, the little, orange Cathedral mouse, came to Chucktown and became good friends with Bishop Bob. It’s the same journey that transformed this little mouse into a superhero of the faith.

We’re sticking with flash fiction to tell our tall tales. Short and to-the-point plots and dialogue communicate important truths, and “folksy art” (folk art, cartoon-style panels) make the stories fun and comfortable.

In this story, we get to hear the animals talk. Their perspective on humans, in general, and more specifically, Noah and his family, are unique. And of course, we see once again, how poorly equipped Herman is to be a superhero. Only God can make him one. And only God can make you and me what we were intended to be.

So check it out. Subscribe to this website, and we’ll let you know when we publish another Porch Story, and we’ll give you some behind-the-scenes insight that further enrich your engagement with the stories.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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