The Prayer Counter-Culture


Deacon Guy and Miss Pat took a one-day vacation to Greenville recently. It was beautiful and relaxing. As they walked downtown, they found themselves quietly praying. They prayed for people they saw, businesses they entered, and even the birds and little animals scurrying on the streets.

As Herman watched the world move about in that tiny space, he wondered how different things might be if only the faithful adopted his new “pastime” too. That is, what if everyone observed the world they passed each day more closely and prayed about what they were seeing and hearing?


The Bible encourages us to pray in all places (1 Tim 2:8). We are to pray wherever we go. Is it possible that things have deteriorated so much because church-going people don’t pray like they should?

The Catechism helps us understand why a “pastime prayer life” (what Herman sometimes calls it) is so important. Regardless of our our purpose for prayer, our prayers should be centered on His Kingdom. In a sense, prayer is the principle way to seek first the Kingdom of God (Matt 6:33).


Well, Deacon Guy and Miss Pam enjoyed their short prayer pilgrimage so much, they decided to make prayer pilgrimage a part of their everyday life from this point forward. It’s likely that friends who read this blog are going to see more great places and learn more cool things about a lifestyle of prayer.

And as for Herman, well, he thinks that if you’re concerned about the craziness and evil you see all around you, God is calling you to be counter-culture. To Herman, that means we are to confront the unseen evil behind whacky culture with prayer, truth, and love for people who don’t yet know any better.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

One thought on “The Prayer Counter-Culture

  1. Spontaneous prayer is a blessed way to keep in touch and offer praise and thanksgiving for our everyday blessings and gifts. Jesus help me to remember the source of all gifts in our lives. Amen

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