Not Ready Yet For Heaven


Ever since he was commissioned as a Cathedral mouse, Herman had a guardian angel. His angel was named Gomez, or so the angel told him. Gomez watched over Herman carefully. Sometimes it seemed too careful for Herman. That made the little mouse very nervous.


The Bible tells us we were made a little lower than angels (1 Cor 6:3). And yet, we will someday have a part in judging them (Ps 8:5). “How can that be?” you might ask. It is because of Jesus.

God, who is above all things, came down from heaven to become a man, who is lower than the angels. He did this in the form of Jesus and returned to heaven as God and man, where He sits on the throne of the Kingdom of God.

In Christ, we are partakers of the divine life (2 Pet 1:4). We are part of His royal family (1 Pet 2:9). It’s hard to understand right now, but as Herman is learning, there are many things in heaven which we don’t yet know about or comprehend.


“Trust in Jesus,” is the message today. It’s a message accompanied by great mercy and love. Start by putting your trust in the Church that Jesus established.

The Bible calls this Church the foundation and pillar of truth (2 Tim 3:15). And why not? After all, didn’t Jesus promise that He would be the One who built and protected His Church (Matt 16:18). The Church Jesus established 2000 years ago remains on course to achieve God’s objective and become the bride of Christ (Rev 19:7), in spite of sinful men and evil spirits.

That’s what Herman is learning. It’s a very good lesson — but it’s not always easy.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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