Game Over!


“Wow! On Easter weekend, the crew at Catholic Roads actually posted an article about basketball! What were they thinking?”

Hang in there. It’s just symbolism. Symbolism can be an important part of formation, discipleship, and catechesis. And before our team is artists or media people, we are catechists!

It’s all about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.


The Bible tells us that, as a result of the Fall, God put enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent (Gen 3:15). You don’t find middle ground where there is enmity. Life does not compromise with death. Light does not compromise with darkness. And Jesus does not compromise with Satan and sin.

Satan thought he had won when Adam turned against God in the Garden. He thought he had won again, when Cain, his seed (1 John 3:12), had murdered Abel. And most assuredly, he thought he won when Jesus gave up the ghost ( His spirit … His breath … His life) and died on a cross at Calvary. But Satan was wrong on all accounts.

Jesus descended to the place of the dead and rescued faithful followers like Noah, Abraham, and Moses (to name just a few). Then He rose from the dead to finish establishing His Church before ascending to heaven where He presides over the Kingdom with His precious body and blood that feeds His Church daily (Luke 22:19).


Now, to continue the basketball analogy, you might say that just about the time Satan put on a full court press in an attempt to steal the contest from God, Jesus dunked it! The resurrection and ascension sealed it forever!

Game over! God wins! Jesus is Lord and Savior. He is the King of kings. And He’s the best friend you’ll ever have.

So, yes! “Zag Fever” is sweeping through the old Catholic bookstore in Chucktown, but that’s only temporary. His Kingdom is forever and you have an invitation to join Him there with everyone you’ve ever loved and many that you will learn to love. The nuns are all in for Jesus!


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

Prayer walking with Herman Nootks!

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