Hot Dogs and Holy Moments


After rereading “The Joy of the Gospel,” Bishop Bob summoned Deacon Guy from Holy Trinity to go on a special assignment for the Chucktown Diocese. The Deacon and his wife (the people all called her “Miss Pam”) were to go out to an everyday kind of place dressed as “normal people in ordinary times.” Their mission was simple. They were to enjoy a good meal together. But as they did, they should be ready to love the people they encountered in simple, unexpected ways.

The Bishop did not want his Deacon to announce that he was a Catholic or a even Christian. He was not there to convert anybody. His mission was simply to enjoy a good meal and to love those people God put in front of him.

He was to love the people in the moments God would give them together for this love. Their friend Earl from Holy Trinity often called these times “Holy Moments” (our thanks to Matthew Kelly).

While Deacon Guy and Miss Pam were inside loving folks and eating hot dogs, Herman Nootks, the Chucktown Cathedral mouse, would be out on the street praying for the people coming and going. This would be a team effort of love and prayer! Would it work?


In “The Joy of the Gospel, “ Pope Francis encourages the faithful to let culture be what it is. Rather than trying to change it or remake it, Church folks should just infuse the culture with God’s love. Don’t worry whether you like the artwork, attire, music or food of that other culture. Just make it easy for all of God’s children to experience the best of God’s love in the context of whatever culture they come from.

This was a radical idea — the kind of thing Jesus might’ve said and the kind of thing that probably would have gotten him in trouble with the Pharisees and Sadducees. It’s so easy that even normal people in ordinary times can do it — people like Deacon Guy and Miss Pam. Maybe even people like you and us!


So the dynamic duo headed straight to their favorite hot dog establishment in the Lowcountry to give it a try. Immediately (before they even ordered their food), they had an opportunity to love a family that had come in to get some food the same time they did. They also made some of the staff very happy. It might have been the tip they left, but Miss Pam insisted it was really the kind words they had shared with the young people working so hard behind the counter.

It worked. Maybe it was just Deacon Guy’s wit and charm. Perhaps it was Miss Pam’s outgoing personality. Or it might’ve been Herman Nootks praying on the street while all this was going on. Nobody knows for sure, but they all knew it was an amazing experience with the Holy Spirit and some people God seemed to love a lot. And best of all, it happened outside the church just around the corner from St. Benedict’s.


That’s our story and we’re sticking. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B,

In Christ!

Prayer walking with Herman in the Lowcountry.

2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs and Holy Moments

  1. Holy moments are everywhere just add love and they may become forever memories for a stranger or friend. Thank you Herman Nootks


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