Inspiration and Experimentation

There are many forms of art and different kinds of artists too. What all artists have in common is, they have received a gift. And the gift grows and matures through inspiration and experimentation.


We’re experiencing just such a moment right now. It can be seen in multiple ways, but the one we would like to highlight and ask for your prayer support is our cartoon features. In particular, we are intrigued with what is going on in the “Nun Sense” feature.


“Nun Sense” is a fictional story that takes place in and around Charleston, South Carolina. The central characters are a small community of media nuns, and the supporting cast includes the bishop, local priests and lay people, a Cathedral mouse, as well as a revolving door of Catholic media personalities we have all come to know through EWTN and other outlets. It’s this last group we want to focus on in this article. That’s a big part of our inspiration and experimentation.


Before we proceed, let‘s make a few points. First, the situations and storylines are fictional. In this age of fake news and fake media, we admit that what we’re doing is completely made up. You have to dig to find the truth behind the stories we tell.

It should also be noted that we’re not in the business of satirizing the Church or those who give so much of themselves to support the Bride of Christ in ministry and apostolate. So as we start including media personalities in our stories, understand that we do it with great respect for those we choose to highlight.

Note also that we are part of the Pauline Family. We live as Pauline Laity (Cooperators). Our apostolate focuses on the use, impact and potential of media, particularly as it impacts evangelization and catechesis. We watch Catholic media. We read and listen to Catholic media. We pray for Catholic media. And we support Catholic media financially. We are fans and proponents of Catholic media!


With all of that said, we plan to integrate Catholic media personalities into our comicstrip. It is consistent with having “media nuns” as our central characters.

Our intent is to treat those media personalities with respect and dignity, even as we have some fun with them in our little cartoon world. That’s where the experimentation comes in.

We are on a road we’ve never been down before. We expect to learn as we go.


In this first experiment, Fr. Mitch Pacwa makes an appearance in “Nun Sense.” Everyone would agree that he is an amazing priest, a brilliant intellectual, and a longtime servant of the people on both EWTN TV and radio. Nevertheless, Fr. Mitch is also something of a “cowboy” from the Chicago area — which sounded like a good way for us to have some fun with him.

So enjoy the cartoons. Take time to read the Bible verses we reference, and follow Catholic Roads and Bible Study Cartoons where we publish these cartoon features.


Thanks for listening. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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