The Time Flies


Herman bid Papa Mouse good evening and watched the old mouse hobble down the boulevard towards his flat. He always enjoyed visits from Papa Mouse.

Papa was the patriarch in Herman’s community. The community was inside the wall of Bishop Robert’s study. And more significantly, it was also right next to the kitchen where Monsignor kept all the goodies, including the artisan Gouda cheese which mice everywhere coveted. Herman’s community was also part of Chucktown, the largest mouse city in the whole world.

As Herman closed the door and prepared himself for bed, he revisited the conversation the two mice had had about time and eternity. Their conversation was triggered by a memory of a humorous visit they had enjoyed recently with the media nuns at the Pauline Book and Media Center a couple of blocks from the Cathedral.

Papa Mouse and Herman concluded that, whatever time it is depends on where you are. Time is not a constant. Both time and location are like moving targets.


The Bible tells us that in heaven, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day (2Pet 3:8). Time is not the same in eternity as it is here on earth right now.

When we see time seemingly fly by, we might want to treat it like a precious glimpse into eternity. We ought to treat the time of our lives with respect, but should never limit ourselves by time.

Each of us is an eternal soul having a temporary experience in a mortal body. If we seek His kingdom and His righteousness with the time allotted to our mortal flesh, all the other things God has planned for us will be given to us (Mt 6:33).


The thoughts about time, especially coming from Papa Mouse, who certainly did not have much time left on this earth, continued to intrigue Herman, especially the nature of time in eternity. While the little, orange mouse could never fully grasp what time would be like in eternity, he knew it had to be yet another delightful mystery he would uncover some day in heaven with God.

“God truly is good!” Herman thought, as he turned out the lights to get some sleep. “Good night, God. I love you,” the little mouse thought, and he drifted off to peaceful sleep.


This is another real and true story — except maybe for those parts we added to make the tale “suitable for telling” (interesting).

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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