White Stones


Herman escaped the confines of the Cathedral and made his way down to the Battery in Charleston for one of his favorite pastimes. He loved to go down to the sandy beach beneath the old stone wall for a morning walk. The little mouse always seemed to pray better when he started before dawn and witnessed the glory of a sunrise over the water.

On this day, Herman would find something he didn’t expect to find. He would find the truth. It was laying on the sand for all to see in the form of a smooth, white stone. And it seemed to Herman, at least, as if this white stone were actually calling him.

As he studied it, he realized some things that would change the course of the day ahead and alter the remainder of his days. Herman was about to learn the truth about the truth!


In the Bible, we learn that each of us has a secret identity (Rev 2:17). Your identity in Christ is known only to God and you. It is written on a (spiritual) white stone not unlike those old milestones pilgrims used when following highways and byways many years ago. Weary travelers learned how to find those white stones and to trust them long before anyone ever thought of a GPS.

The world in its present form is passing away (1 Cor 7:25-31). Yes, enjoy the moment, but do not dwell in it. We make no claim to being prophets, but we know that one of two things will happen before very long. Either the end of the age will occur, or you will pass away into eternity (die). Whichever you experience, your time on earth is limited. The Bible encourages you and me to use it wisely.

Blessed (happy) you are when you follow in the ways of the Lord (Luke 6:20-26). It is better to have the applause of God than the praises of all the people in the world. Your true identity and purpose is found in God, so get to know yourself better by getting to know Him. Become a friend of God’s (John 15:15).


You are not just a random accident of nature. You were created by God for a purpose (Rev 4:11). Each of us is on a pilgrimage, and sooner or later, we all come to a fork in the road. At that point, you will either do what you ARE, or you will simply become what you’ve been DOING.

You should understand that you are always better at being who and what you were made to be. You will also experience more joy and be a blessing to others when you become that person God made you to be.

But how do you find your white stone? How do you know what’s on that white stone? As Herman said, “It’s not complicated!” Just spend some time with God. Talk to your Creator and LISTEN too.

Be encouraged. You can do this!


That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it! It’s cool to be Catholic. Cool2B!

In Christ!

6 thoughts on “White Stones

  1. The fork in the road of your life is a great ponder point.. Do what you are or become what you are doing… sometimes what you are doing seems to be all there is.


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