Pray The Diocese From Your Home

We have an exciting, new project in the works right now! In fact, we have completed the first phase of this project and it’s available on line with this article. You can pray all over the Diocese of Charleston without ever leaving your home. Here’s the concept …


Our inspiration was the 200th Anniversary of the Diocese of Charleston (July 11. 2020). The project is a series of ePublications available online — they’re free.

Each ePad is an “interactive” pilgrimage to a city in South Carolina where you will be able to “walk” the streets of the city and pray as you walk. You will also have the opportunity to pray for selected church leaders in the community as a way of praying for all the priests, deacons, and religious there.

While you are prayer walking, you can stop and look around in all directions at any time. You can safely walk down the streets, turning up side streets too. Best of all, you can do everything from the comfort and convenience of your home without traveling.

The first ePad takes you onto the streets of Historic Charleston for a prayer adventure. While you’re there, meet Bishop Robert and some priests and sisters in the city too. We encourage you to pray for them, of course.


The interactive system works on any screen, but probably works best on a desktop computer so you can see better.

Click on the link below to start your prayer adventure in Charleston. Another city will be available to you soon


It’s cool to be Catholic. Cool2B!

In Christ!

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