Herman Nootks

Herman Nootks ( her·me·neu·tics /ˌhərməˈn(y)o͞odiks/ ) is a little, orange mouse who becomes the local Cathedral Mouse and also a superhero of the faith.


As Herman goes about the business of battling principalities in spiritual warfare (Eph 6:12), he learns to use scripture and prayer as key weapons, while readers learn some pretty interesting Bible basics too. Herman also learns about the many resources Jesus has made available in the Kingdom of God, and how to appropriate them in spiritual warfare.


Herman appears as the spokesperson in some of our social media memes along along with Pope Francis (“Papa Says”). They’re there to evangelize the lost and catechize the faithful.


Of course, those of you who figure out how to pronounce his name and who have a strong Bible background are likely to see the double meaning we have in play here (see “hermeneutics“).

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