The Bible In Practice

Herman Nootks has a problem. He wants to read his Bible every day, but he doesn’t know where to start or how to get some meaning out of it.

That’s what we do with the “Bible Study Cartoons” website. We help people who have a problem like Herman’s. Our free Bible study programs make reading the Bible a practical and easy-to-understand part of your daily life. The website is up now and should be in full gear in July.


Our Bible study program, “Gold Nuggets,” was created for Catholics who want to learn how to really use their Bibles. It’s for both individuals and small groups. Each Bible study is a stand alone learning experience. The Bible studies are all based on passages of Scripture. They take readers into the Bible and then explain a practical application for what you have read. When you have done this for awhile, you will have learned a new way of reading your Bible that will last a lifetime!

We keep it simple. It’s not our goal to make theologians. We’re helping people learn to enjoy reading their Bibles and to use what they read in everyday life. You can download a “preview” handout to see how it works. Click HERE to go to our download page.


Make Gold Nuggets part of your life this year. Use the resources for individual study. Or maybe you’d prefer to get a few of your friends together for a group study / discussion instead.

If you decide to be part of a group, make the group get-togethers fun! Meet regularly. Have a meal or snacks together. And by all means, prayer together too. Finish with some personal discussions before going home.


We already have some Gold Nuggets handouts online now for free download. In July, we plan to begin a podcast that includes regular information about the Gold Nuggets and other Bible study resources for Catholics. It will be called “Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!” and will be available on iTunes, Google, and other podcast distributors.

We’ll also have a short newsletter available starting in July for Gold Nuggets users who want to go deeper in their knowledge of the Bible, the Catholic faith, and learning together in small groups. It will have information that will help coach you as you really get into reading your Bible. You can receive the newsletter in your email about once a week. And it’s free!!!

We’re praying for you. Please pray for the Catholic Roads team too. In Christ!

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