Gold Nuggets

If you’re Catholic and you’ve ever wanted to know the Bible better, we’ve got something special for you. We call it “Gold Nuggets.”

Sure, you hear Scripture everyday in mass. In fact, you hear more Scripture in mass each week than most Protestant brothers and sisters hear during a month of church services. But what are you going to do with that Scripture? How will you use it? Where do you even find it in the Bible? Without a guide, it can be hard for many Catholics to determine where to start or how to even get into their Bibles in a meaningful way.


St. Jerome is supposed to have said “to be ignorant of the Bible is to be ignorant of Jesus.” After all, the Bible is His story from beginning to end. Gold Nuggets help Catholics experience the Bible is a simple, powerful way. We focus on Bible passages that speak to you about your everyday life. These are Bible verses that answer difficult questions and coach you as you experience conversion on an ongoing basis.


There are some really great professors, catechists, and teachers in the Catholic church. We love them and often read their books, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, and even sit in on their presentations at Catholic conferences. There are also some really terrific apostolates that teach the Bible too. Some deal with the books of the Bible while others focus on topical Bible studies (studies that focus on specific issues like marriage, parenting, etc.). They’re all good — but Gold Nuggets is different.

Sometimes you just needs a small bite. Sometimes you need to start slowly so you can gain confidence that you really can learn what’s in the Bible. And maybe even, you really can learn how to use the Bible in a practical way.


We’ve put our first two lessons up online, and more are coming soon. The lessons are all free. You can read about the lessons online ( and can also download the bible study handouts to keep as a reference (a three-ring binder works great). We’re available to answer any questions you might have after working through a lesson (typically, 10 minutes or less).

This is a great way for Catholics to get into the Bible. Almost anyone can do it. And we guarantee you’re going to be learning some new things from the very first lesson. Check it out. Download a lesson (yes, we do ask for your email address … but we don’t ever sell your information and you can unsubscribe from our emails any time you want).


Isn’t it time you started “prospecting” in the Bible? Wouldn’t you like to have some of those gold nuggets you hear other Christians talking about. Now you can! Check out Gold Nuggets today. Join in the new gold rush in your Bible! You’ll find Gold Nuggets on our Bible Study Cartoons website.

2 Replies to “Gold Nuggets”

  1. Great read! I believe it was Jerome, not Augustine who said, “To be ignorant of the Scriptures is to be ignorant of Christ.” This is a very topical site and deserves wide acceptance. Thank you!


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