An Open Letter

We’re writing an open letter to the many people we’ve caricatured over the years. It’s also a way of thanking those whom we still hope to draw in the future.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to draw your caricature. Of course, we made you uncomfortable, and for that, we apologize. You didn’t know if we would exaggerate your worst features in a way that might embarrass you, but you trusted us.


Almost immediately, we began to study your face. We looked intensely into your eyes. We saw the shape of your head, and how the parts of your face were put together. On any given day, people hardly notice others around them, but on that day, we took careful note of you!

The shape of your head is the first thing a caricaturist usually notices. After that, it’s the eyes. The Bible compares your eyes to a window for your soul (Mt 6:22-23). Of course, we couldn’t draw your eyes exactly right because only God knows the nature of your soul. Your secrets are still safe with Him, but we were able to see the light in you. And we tried to capture some of that light for others who might see your caricature later.

What you couldn’t have known at the time was that the real reason we were studying your face was to see God. The Bible tells us that we’re all made in His image and likeness (Gn 1:26). While none of us can actually see God without dying (Ex 33:20), God is not hidden from us. We’ve spent a lifetime looking at people to see God in them.

The way God formed you says much about His plans for you (Jer 29:11). Though you really do look like God, you didn’t look like anyone else we had ever seen. As we drew you, it became clear to us that God was doing something unique with your life.


To us, caricature is special. We’ve seen people who are true masters of this amazing art form, and we admire them. But we’re definitely not masters of caricature. In fact, our real gift is not caricature at all, but catechesis.

Our hope is that we might play a small role in helping to form your faith and shape your thinking about life, the Catholic church, and the people around you in the world. We also hope to have an opportunity to encourage you as you continue your life’s pilgrimage.


Our wish is that you enjoyed the caricature. If you did, give thanks to God. If you didn’t, please accept our apologies and forgive our transgression. We came in peace, meaning no harm.

Either way, when we drew you, we prayed for you as we’ve prayed for thousands of other people we have drawn.

It might surprise you to know that we also loved you while we were drawing you (though some have said they couldn’t feel the love after seeing their caricature). Our caricature of you was actually a love letter to you as a child of God and sister or a brother in Christ.

The caricature was also our way of serving you. We hope it made your day a little better than what it might otherwise have been.

Pray! Love! Serve! That’s how people glorify God. We do it with caricature and catechesis. Whatever gifts God has given you, use them to pray for others, love others, and serve them too.

Thanks again for letting us draw your caricature.

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