Herman’s Art

We’re sketching various places around the Diocese of Charleston for the new Herman Nootks project. The project is called “The Mystery at the Secret Garden.”

“The Mystery at the Secret Garden” takes place at various locations in the Diocese of Charleston. In this story, readers are introduced to the main characters. They also learn about an antebellum curse cast by a coven of witches intent upon stopping Catholics from coming to the Carolinas and Georgia by locking the “Holy Highway” (Isa 35:8).


Without telling the whole story, the curse does not work as intended. It only impacts the mice who live inside the walls of our many Catholic buildings. And as divine providence would have it, Herman, an orange mouse who is our main character, is commissioned by Bishop Bob as the new “cathedral mouse” — the result of a seemingly coincidental event.

Being the cathedral mouse makes Herman a bonafide super hero of the faith and places him in the unique position of being the only creature capable of solving the mystery and unlocking the Holy Highway. Though he is entirely unprepared for the task, he quickly learns that the Kingdom of God has innumerable resources available to equip those faithful enough to say yes to God.


Along the way, Herman meets Sister Charlie, Fat Puppy, and Karen, all of whom help the little mouse solve the problem. He also learns about the Communion of Saints, Guardian Angels, the New Ark of the Covenant, and lots of other cool things Catholics everywhere should know about. We’re sharing some of the artwork on our website as we prepare for publication later in the year.

Though the stories we tell (plots) are entirely fictional we confess finding joy introducing readers to little known facts woven into the stories. An example of this would be the “Winnsboro Witch Trials” of the 1790’s. These witch trials are historical facts, and they play an import role in “The Mystery at the Secret Garden.”


Of course, our hope is that readers will find the stories interesting and fun to read. The real purpose for the “Herman Nootks” project, however, is catechesis. It is stronly hinted in our main character, Herman Nootks. Herman Nootks is a play on the word “hermeneutics,” which is the study of how Scripture crosses the borders of language and permeates the boundaries of culture.

Our passion for catechesis can be summed up in the realization that the Catholic church is unbelievably cool. The Catholic church is the church Jesus started 2,000 years ago. It is the church you read about in the Book of Acts. And the utter coolness of our beautiful Church and faith is the theme for all our work at Catholic Roads.

It’s cool to be Catholic — really it is! Catholic Cool!

The Battery is an iconic site in Charleston. Viewing it at night under a full moon can be an emotional experience.

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