The Jericho Strategy

Life is a pilgrimage. Along the way, you will encounter shrines, wines, and interesting people. You’ll also encounter obstacles. Fortunately, God has already shown us the way through them.

Recently, we came across something particularly interesting while working on a “Herman Nootks” project. Herman, of course, is our little superhero mouse. He has many great, spiritual adventures while overcoming overwhelming obstacles. We call the strategy our little mouse uses the JERICHO STRATEGY.


What is a Jericho Strategy? It is a heavenly response to a worldly problem or situation. It should be noted that the Jericho Strategy is just that — a strategy or a battle plan. It is used in spiritual warfare (Eph 6:12). It is not an attempt to manipulate the heavens to do your will. That never works, of course!


The Jericho Strategy is based on the Bible, starting with Joshua 6. Here’s what Joshua and his troop did:

  • They followed the Ark of the Covenant.
  • They entered the Promised Land.
  • They encountered a stronghold (Jericho) blocking their progress.
  • They received a strategy (battle plan) from God.
  • They believed God and obeyed Him.
  • They succeeded.


If you encounter a spiritual stronghold that seems to be preventing you from making progress in your vocation (religious, family, career, etc.), perhaps you might consider adopting a Jericho Strategy too.

Your successful Jericho Strategy will always includes prayer, faith, and obedience.

And your successful Jericho Strategy will always include following the Ark of the Covenant.


In our next article or two, we’ll have more to say about following the Ark of the Covenant in a New Testament world. We’ll also have some insights into spiritual strongholds, prayer, faith, and obedience. In the meantime, get out there on the Holy Highway and start enjoying the pilgrimage that is your life!

In Christ!

Herman Nootks

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