The real presence of Jesus Christ! Here with us right now.


Body and blood! Soul and divinity! And He comes to us as the Bread of Life to be consumed by the human so that the human can participate in His divine life with Him. It’s a miracle — and it happens everyday all around the world in the Holy Mass!


If you haven’t experienced His real presence recently, take some time to visit a Catholic Church near you. Find out when they are doing Eucharistic Adoration and go there. Sit in front of Him. Watch! Listen! Pray! Meditate! Contemplate! And get ready for a miracle in your life.

He is with you exactly as He promised to be. Not a symbol. Not a metaphor. Not some magic either. It is God doing what God does in the person of Jesus Christ.


It’s cool to be Catholic! Cool2B!

In Christ!

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