Cathedral Mouse


The story continues with this second comic page. We’re moving Herman’s story from being a common, ordinary mouse to the rarest of mice — a Cathedral mouse. We’re producing this story one comic page at a time to be compiled later in an anthology which we call “a book” or a “graphic novel” or something else like that.


In our first panel, we met Bishop Bob, first encountering him deep in prayer one evening in his Cathedral study. The first page concluded with Bishop Bob finding a little mouse (Herman) in the kitchen caught in one of Monsignor’s gouda-laden mousetraps.

In this second comic page, Bishop Bob comes to the rescue. He frees Herman from the bondage of this trap in an act reminiscent of Christ’s freeing us from the bondage of sin on the cross. This act is followed by a moment of thanksgiving that is truly “Eucharistic.” We are reminded of the story of the ten lepers with only one coming back to thank Christ for curing them of their dreaded disease (Lk 17:11-19).

And then the Bishop informs Herman that whenever he is with the Bishop, he will be larger — almost human in size. And of course, this exchange reminds us that we are no longer slaves but friends of Jesus (Jn 15:15).


The reader should not ignore these kinds of Biblical messages interwoven into the script of the comic pages, but that’s not the whole story. The truth is, we plan to have a lot of fun with this project. For sure, it is fiction — but we plan to write it in such a way that you might not always be so sure that it is fiction. There really is (are) a diocese or two very much like Bishop Bob’s diocese. And you will meet real people in later stories. These are real people doing some amazing things with ordinary life. And there will be some social commentary too.


So sit back and enjoy this project. We’re writing everyday and trying to get one or two pages published most weeks. We’ll first publish them here on our website and later in the book format we discussed above.

We’re praying for you! Pray for us too please.

In Christ.

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