Pauline Christmas Tour 2019

“You’d better watch out! You better not pout …” the Daughters of St. Paul are coming to town. Get ready for the coast-to-coast 2019 Christmas Concert Tour.


Those who are familiar with us know we can’t sit down and not start drawing. That’s what we do — we draw. So recently, we decided to caricature the Daughters of St. Paul choir as our way of saying thank you to them for all their hard work preparing for this special event.


We attended the concert on Staten Island last year. This year, we plan to travel to New Orleans to be with the sisters. But folks, you can go almost any place across the USA in November and December because they are singing in most (not all … yet) of the big cities in America this year.


To find out more and keep up with the Daughters of St. Paul choir, visit their website and like them on their Facebook page too. And don’t forget to make plans to attend one of the concerts. You will not regret it for sure!


We’ll wait until later to tell you all Merry Christmas, of course. But do enjoy our little video gift for the “Media Nuns” (Daughters of St. Paul). And if you want to help the sisters out, why not share the video with others and encourage them to attend the coast-to-coast Christmas concert tour in a city near them.


It’s cool to be Catholic! Really Cool2B!

In Christ!


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